Windguard Touch Windbreaker

WindGuard Touch Windbreaker with Piston

Wind Breaker System; It makes living spaces more comfortable and indispensable with the vertical movement of manual, piston and motorized panels consisting of two panels to protect against the negative effects of wind in places such as hotels, cafes, restaurants, residences, terraces and shopping malls.

With the WindGuard Touch wind breaker, take control of the wind. Thanks to its one-touch automatic opening feature, it offers easy use.

It delivers openness and protection without compromising the view.

It opens in just a few seconds. With customization options for width and height based on the usage area, it can be easily applied in different spaces. In addition to the anchoring option, you can control the climate of your desired area with the wheeled and potted usage.

Combining design and technology, the WindGuard Touch wind breaker seamlessly integrates with your project, putting the control of the air in your hands.

It provides a complete solution with color and dimension combinations that can harmonize with your corporate image in both indoor and outdoor settings.