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Silinebilir Giyotin Cam

Guillotine Glass System

Guillotine glass system is a glass balcony system in which glass panels move vertically with a tubular motor and belt/chain and can be fixed at the desired level with a remote control. This system is an ideal solution, especially when you want to get maximum benefit from panoramic views, ventilate the living space and keep the terrace/balcony partially or completely open.

Advantages of the Guillotine Glass Balcony System:

Flexible Usage: You can move the glass panels up or down to the desired level, providing you with the option of having a fully open or fully closed balcony.
View: It contains fewer profiles and vertical frames compared to other glass balcony systems, offering a seamless view.
Easy Cleaning: The movable glass panels make the cleaning process easier and more practical.
Air Circulation: By opening the glass panels to the desired level, you can easily achieve natural air circulation.
Safety: A high-quality giyotin glass balcony system has locking features that minimize potential dangers for children or pets.
Thermal and Sound Insulation: The glass balcony system prevents cold air or noise from entering, providing a warmer and quieter living space.
Aesthetic Value: Guillotine glass balcony systems, with their modern and stylish appearance, can enhance the aesthetic value of your home or workplace.
Long-lasting: Guillotine glass balcony systems made of quality materials offer long-term durability and performance.
The Guillotine glass system, with its aesthetic and functional advantages, is a popular choice that makes balconies, terraces, or similar spaces more livable and practical. However, working with a professional company for the installation of such a system is important for long-term use and safety.







Design and Functionality

The guillotine glass system consists of glass panels moving in the vertical plane. It is produced according to the double or triple glass details.

It offers 8mm TEMPERED Glass or 4+12+4 TEMPERED DOUBLE GLASS combination options.

Thanks to the drainage system integrated into the bottom casing of the system, it has a snow or rain waterproof feature.

It can be stopped at the desired level with the remote control and fresh air flow can be provided.

Standard guillotine is used for ground floors, and cleanable guillotine glass system that can be easily cleaned is used for higher floors.

Glass panels are offered together with a stainless chain or steel wire reinforced belt system, high carrying capacity and quiet operation.

Silinebilir Giyotin Cam